Looking For A Hot Hookup?

7 Reasons to Date a Former Catholic Girl

When it comes to picking out the next woman you’re going to date, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you find yourself friendly with a woman who used to be a Catholic girl, however, then it’s a no brainer: go for her! Whether you’re looking for a long term partner or a short term hookup doesn’t matter, former Catholic girls have what it takes to keep you drooling. 1. She’s Making up for Lost Time When you’re looking for a hot hookup and you know that the former Catholic girl you’ve been eyeing is into that, you’ve got a woman who’s looking to make up for lost time. There’s nothing sexier than a woman eager to learn […]

Having A Terrible Date

How to Rebound from a Terrible Date

Nothing quite shakes a man’s confidence like having a terrible date. You had to work up the courage to ask her out, you had to pay for everything, and now you find yourself reeling from the worst night out you’ve had since someone else when home with your high school prom date. – 17 prom horror stories – When all else has failed and you don’t know what to do to cheer yourself up and/or move on with your life after this horrible experience, these tips will come to your rescue. Take It Easy for a While Before you start pushing yourself too hard you have to admit that bad dates suck. They suck out your confidence, and you’re going […]

Sugar Momma

4 Great Sites for Finding Sugar Mommas

If you’re not familiar with the term “sugar momma” then don’t feel like you’re out of the loop. Sugar daddies, men who date younger women for affection with monetary value involved, are much more talked about and discussed than their female counterparts. Sugar mommas are typically rich older women who are looking to have a bit of companionship or fun on the side and are willing to offer financial stability to someone in exchange for this. Some consider this kind of relationship to be taboo and illicit but many men and women around the world take part in sugar momma and baby relationships while genuinely enjoying themselves. Read about what its like to have a sugar daddy or sugar momma […]

Your First Kiss

How to Handle Your First Lesbian Relationship

If you find yourself falling for a woman as a straight woman, or even maybe a bisexual woman who has only dated men, then you might feel like maybe you aren’t doing things right. This is fine because there are definitely some usual differences between men and women and how they handle affection, want affection, and their overall brain chemistry. Learn about the 7 types of physical affection. Dating is dating but it can definitely be different when you’re with another woman for the first time. There can be some changes, good or bad, that you have to take notice of and adjust to in your relationship for it to work. Getting Over the Stares Men absolutely love to stare […]

Yesterday’s Loser Is Today’s Winner

Why Being A Nerd Will Get You Laid

Geekery and nerdery are on the rise in popular culture. It’s difficult to believe that the same things people were bullied for in high school now put them at the head of the cool kids class. Not only is it considered cool to be into things like video games, comic books and fiction books, it’s lucrative too. Gone is the stereotype that nerds never get laid; the nerds have inherited the earth. Read why nerds are so cool! If you aren’t convinced, here are a few bullet points that will lead you down the path of nerdy understanding. Confidence Is Everything Nerds are used to being outcasts. We’re used to not being interested in things like football or the latest […]

The End Of The Relationship

4 Signs That Mean the Relationship Is Over

Sometimes people just grow apart. You can be in a relationship with the same person for decades and the suddenly have no idea who they are. Or maybe you wake up one day and you realize that you are no longer in love with the person you are sleeping next to. It happens to more people than anyone would ever admit. You might feel guilty and try to make it work, as many people do, but that means that you will likely end up resenting them and making yourself unhappy. Alternatively, someone might feel the same way about you, and that will make them unhappy in the same way you would be. In cases like these, the healthiest thing for […]

Taking The Big Step

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving In Together

These days, most couples live together before marriage – but the rate of breakups among couples who live together is even higher than the divorce rate. Some people might claim that’s because of a deficiency of moral fiber, but moral fiber can’t keep a relationship happy even if it keeps the relationship together. The real problem is that people often think long and hard about marriage, but since moving in together seems like a smaller step, they may not stop to ask themselves hard questions about making their routines and finances compatible first. Moving in, though, adds whole new dimensions to a relationship, and if you don’t think through all of those new dimensions first, you’re likely to find that […]

Does He Likes To Check Out Other Women?

Dealing with a Lover That Has Straying Eyes

The world is full of beauty and beautiful people, and sometimes you wish it wasn’t so, because your partner apparently cannot keep his or her eyes to themselves. You try your best not to overreact, but sometimes it’s just so hard to keep a cool head when you catch your lover eyeing someone with a particularly low cut top or someone’s toned ass in tight-fitting jeans. Some of you may have lovers who are not even subtle in their appreciation of other people’s bodies, and that certainly causes your blood to start boiling. We have some tips to help you deal with a lover whose eyes love to stray. See It for What It Is The most important thing you […]

The Golden rule Is Never Go To Bed Angry

What You Should Avoid in an Argument

In any relationship, it is not uncommon to argue once in a while. Go Here to read the 12 common things couples argue about. Disagreements are bound to pop up between any two people trying to share any sort of intimate space. That is why it is important to know when the arguments are just a healthy part of your dynamic and when they are something that could potentially harm your future together. So here are a few tips on things you should definitely avoid doing when you are arguing with your partner. Stick to One Argument A lot of times, when a couple is fighting, they have a tendency to bring up old arguments and other things they are […]

Getting Into Sexy Webcam Conversations

Online Dating and How You Can Still be Close to Someone You Have Never Met

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to meet tons of people on the Internet. In fact, it is so much easier to meet people online than out in the real world that Internet dating has become a huge sensation that plenty of young people indulge in. While it might seem a little strange at first, there are still plenty of ways that two people dating over the Internet can be very close to each other, sometimes even in ways that two people who are together outside of the Internet can not actually accomplish because of the fact that they can see and physically touch each other. The Do’s and Dont’s of dating online. However, if online dating is not something that […]