4 Signs That Mean the Relationship Is Over

The End Of The Relationship
The End Of The Relationship
Sometimes people just grow apart. You can be in a relationship with the same person for decades and the suddenly have no idea who they are. Or maybe you wake up one day and you realize that you are no longer in love with the person you are sleeping next to. It happens to more people than anyone would ever admit. You might feel guilty and try to make it work, as many people do, but that means that you will likely end up resenting them and making yourself unhappy. Alternatively, someone might feel the same way about you, and that will make them unhappy in the same way you would be. In cases like these, the healthiest thing for both parties is just to let go and move on. Go Here to learn how to break up nicely. Here are a few quick ways to tell if your relationship has stayed past its expiration date/

Conversation Runs Dry

If The Conversation Runs Dry It's Time to Break-Up
If The Conversation Runs Dry It’s Time to Break-Up
If you can’t find anything to talk about in your relationship, there is no real point to keeping it going. Your partner should be interesting to you, and you should be interesting to them. One sided monologues or uncomfortable silences are the classic signs of a rotting relationship. If you can’t fix the way this is going, then you might be watching your partnership and romance fade away. You can either choose to try and bring it back or you can choose to let it all go. It may just be a hiccup on your relationship, or it could spell the end for you and your significant other.

Bickering Stops Being in Good Nature

If you are always on the verge of fighting with your partner, it is time to take a step and reevaluate your relationship. Mean comments about appearance and mannerisms, mocking, non-playful arguing, and any action or comment that is mean spirited in nature is problematic and altogether unhealthy. And if there are full blown fights and anything that resembles a step towards physical violence, it is time to step back and end the relationship permanently. If you feel endangered or unhappy (Read the signs your partner is unhappy) when interacting with your partner, you should jump ship immediately.

You Don’t Want to Be Around Them

If spending time with your beloved sounds like a chore to you, then it is quite possible that it is time for you both to move on and take a break. You both need to listen and honor each other’s wants and desires, and if you can’t do that then it is high time that you both moved on with your lives. Only be with someone you enjoy, and if their company grates on you it’s time to move on.

Sex is Bad

Sex Is No Longer Great
Sex Is No Longer Great
If the sex you’ve been having suddenly leaps from good and consistent to lackluster and infrequent it means that something has changed between you, and not for the better. You need to be together emotionally and physically for sex in a long term relationship, and it needs to be something that you enjoy to make the relationship work. If you enjoyed the sex previously and suddenly find it unhappy and unenjoyable, then you should probably get out as fast as possible. Talk about your problems before hand, and if your partner listens, great! Tips for improving your sex life. If not, say goodbye to them, it’s for the best.