Gifts to Give When You’re Just Casually Dating

Casual Dating
Casual Dating
Casual dating isn’t as big a thing as it used to be, so a lot of people aren’t exactly sure of what to do when they’re in that sort of relationship. For guys, we know that we’re supposed to get a lady a gift when it’s serious, – Gift Ideas For Her – but what if you just like her enough to date? You can still get her something that isn’t too flashy and doesn’t demand that you suddenly declare her your girlfriend. These gifts are simple and show her that she’s a step above the rest.

A Gift for Two

At this point in the relationship you probably want to spend as much time together as possible. That’s fine, get her a gift that you can both enjoy. Doing things together like going to the movies or golfing can be a great time to bond. Over your time dating pay attention to the things that she likes so that you won’t have to guess too much at whether she’ll like your gift. Movies are a very safe way to go, but something more fun like a museum or theme park will really be memorable.

Chocolate or Coffee

A Box Of Chocolate Is The Perfect Gift
A box of a chocolate Is The Perfect Gift
Many women have very strong feelings about whether they like things like chocolate or coffee. There’s different brands and flavors that she might like, so get her a gift card (go here for gift card edicate) so that she can enjoy them without having to pay for it. This is especially thoughtful if she has a pricey taste in these items. If you really want to win bonus points then just buy her favorite kind of chocolate or coffee. Learn why women crave chocolate. She’ll think that you’re incredibly thoughtful for remembering what she likes but you won’t seem like you’re pushing anything.

A Day for Her

This is something that you might get her when you’ve been together for a little while or when she’s particularly stressed out. A spa day is the best way for anyone to spend time relaxing. If she’s been having a hard time at work this can be especially appreciated. You don’t have to go over the top with this, it could be just enough to get a massage and a pedicure at a local spa. Or if you did want to make things a little more luxurious you can buy a gift card with enough for her to get whatever she wants. That could be the full package of head-to-toe care or a massage for her and a friend. Leaving the choice up to her makes it feel less like you’re trying to be her sugar daddy and more like you’re being thoughtful.

Her Scent

Whether it’s a certain kind of lotion that she wears or a perfume, find out what her scent is. The easiest way to do this is to compliment her on how good she always smells. She’ll accept the gesture and probably tell you outright, but if she doesn’t ask her what it’s called. While it’s a little odd, she won’t think anything of it. Then you can go to a local retailer and find out if they carry it. Buy her all of the products available that smell like that (perfume, body lotion, body wash, shampoo, etc.) and give it to her. Granted, this is something better set for a special time like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, it’s still generic enough to not be too personal.


Take Her Out To Dinner
Take Her Out To Dinner
If you’re seriously casual and don’t find that a gift would be suitable for the level you’re at, then just go to dinner. Some food and a movie can be enough of a gift without making things seem like you’re putting on the boyfriend moves.