7 Reasons to Date a Former Catholic Girl

Looking For A Hot Hookup?
Looking For A Hot Hookup?
When it comes to picking out the next woman you’re going to date, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you find yourself friendly with a woman who used to be a Catholic girl, however, then it’s a no brainer: go for her! Whether you’re looking for a long term partner or a short term hookup doesn’t matter, former Catholic girls have what it takes to keep you drooling.

1. She’s Making up for Lost Time

When you’re looking for a hot hookup and you know that the former Catholic girl you’ve been eyeing is into that, you’ve got a woman who’s looking to make up for lost time. There’s nothing sexier than a woman eager to learn what she’s been missing and you can show her what her body (and yours) can do. Being with you can be something that she crosses off her bucket list.

2. She Hasn’t Been with as Many Men

She Is Very Innocent
She Is Very Innocent
When you’re looking for something a little more stable, look for an ex-Catholic woman who isn’t in the hookup scene. If she’s not trying to make up for lost time now then there’s a good chance that she never has been. Some men don’t care how many other men their ladies have been with, but most prefer their serious partners to be more on the innocent side. She might not be in mint condition, but it can be comforting to know that everyone she’s been with really meant something to her, and you’re not just dealing with the fallout of a thousand hookups. Click Here To See: How Many hookups does the average person have in a live time?

3. You Know Where She Stands on Religious Matters

If you’re hoping that this relationship turns into something more, it’s good to have a big question out of the way: the question of faith. Sure, she’s not exactly the clearest on where she stands, but you know that she left the faith for a reason. It’s a lot easier to open up and have that big talk about the afterlife and where you think you’ll end up when you can say, “So, why did you leave Catholicism?” You need to have the big things in life in common with a woman you want to maybe spend your life with, so this is a very good place to start.

4. She Has Higher Moral Standards

Even though she might not be going to Confessional anymore, a former Catholic girl knows that there’s right and wrong. She knows that morals aren’t always relative, and she’s likely to be a hardworking, good woman. This is especially good for you if you’re worried about cheating; a woman who used to be Catholic is going to be far more against cheating than your average girl. This is the kind of thing that she was warned against, and even if she’s gone full Atheist and doesn’t believe in sin anymore she’s still not going to be disposed to cheating.

5. She’s Used to Listening to Men

She Will Appreciate Your Compliments
She Will Appreciate Your Compliments
It’s nice to talk to a woman who’s not the Feminist police every now and then. Catholics are raised to think that men are better, and while you’re not going to be enforcing that idea in your home it’s nice to have a woman around who can take a joke. You’ll be able to say what everyone’s really thinking without a woman getting up in arms about things, and she’s more likely to listen to you when you want to have a serious talk with her. She’s going to treat you with the respect that you deserve, and not assume you’re sexist without hearing you out.

6. She’s Not Going to Guilt You into Things

Former Catholic women know how powerful a tool that guilt can be, and it’s already something that they’ve left behind them. That’s right: they’ve given up guilt. You’re not going to be told that there will be eventual consequences for your actions. You’re going to get punished right here and now if she has anything to say about it. This is great, because this bluntness means that resentment is never going to build up in your relationship. You’ll never feel like you have to do something or she’ll get you later.

7. You’ll Never Have to Meet Her Family

If she’s not Catholic anymore and her family still is, you’re off the hook. (Tips for meeting her parents) They’re never going to want to meet the man she’s sinning with, so you effectively don’t have in-laws.