7 Signs Your Boyfriend Might Be Bi

He Might Be A Bi Sexual And In Denial
He Might Be Bi Sexual & In Denial
You like your boyfriend and you know that he loves your body. There’s no doubt in your mind that he’s into women; the way he looks at you (and the way he follows the movement of a shapely female out of the corner of his eye when he thinks you’re not paying attention) convinced him of that. However, just because he likes women doesn’t mean he’s not fond of men and just not saying something. If you’re curious, look for these 7 signs that your boyfriend might actually be bi, not straight.

1. He Can’t Keep His Eyes to Himself at the Gym

He Is Checking Out Men At The Gym
He Is Checking Out Men At The Gym
It’s pretty natural for people to stare at someone hot working out. If you and he hit the gym together then you know that you’ve been staring at some hot guys over the course of the weeks or months you’ve been going. The question is, has he? If you ever catch him checking out the same guys at the gym he might be eyeing more than their technique.

2. He Likes Porn Shots to Keep the Guy in the Frame

He watches porn. Everyone does, that’s fine. It’s even fun at times to watch some porn with him, just to see what he’s into. It gives you ideas for later. Take a good look at his collection, though. Is everything or almost everything he owns shot so that you can tell just how good looking the man is, as well? If that’s the case he’s probably picking his favorites with a little more than the woman in mind.

3. He Actively Participates in Man Crush Mondays

He Feels Secretly Attracted To Men
He Feels Secretly Attracted To Men
In this day and age a lot of men are comfortable enough in their hetero lives that they participate in man crush Mondays. Basically, they just find pictures of a male celebrity that’s a little more appealing than the average man and post it for the laughter. If your man is putting a lot of thought and effort into his MCM’s, however, you might have stumbled upon the only way he can get out his bisexual tendencies. Watch carefully to see if his interest in this trend flags or stays firm over many Mondays come and gone.

4. He Knows Which Celebrities Could “turn” Him

Most people like to decide which celebrities they’d engage in strange sex acts with. You’re not bi or a lesbian, but you probably know a couple of leading ladies you’d be too flattered to turn down if they were seriously asking you. A man, on the other hand, typically has too much machismo on the line to volunteer which celebrities could totally have him on his knees unless he’s been thinking about it more than casually. If there’s more than one or two guys on the list you know that he’s not exactly picky about it, either. There are some very attractive men in Hollywood, but it’s still strange to think that you and your boyfriend could have the same crush.

5. He Has a Lot of Gay Friends

Just because your boyfriend is fine with gay people, and has some gay friends, doesn’t mean that he’s halfway on board that train by itself. However, it’s one of the signs that you can couple with a lot of different things to see where he stands. Clearly, he’s very comfortable with homosexuality and the people who embrace it fully and openly by being “out” in their daily lives. If he seeks out and surrounds himself with people who are there’s a chance that he’s wishing he had their courage.

6. He Gets Defensive about His Heterosexuality

Don't Question His ¨Manhood¨
Don’t Question His ¨Manhood¨
He’s a big, tough Alpha male, right? If he’s getting defensive about how hetero he is there’s a better chance that he’s actually not. If he really was, what would he have to prove? It’s been shown that people who object to homosexuality tend to have tendencies they’re suppressing; ask yourself if he’s protesting too much.

7. He’s Fascinated by People Who Are Bisexual

If the idea of bisexuality fascinates (7 Fascinating facts about Bi-sexuality) him and he keeps looking for explanations or more material about it, there could be more going on there than you know.