|Approach Him When He Is Alone

Why You Should Avoid Approaching Men When They Are With Their Friends

Sometimes we work up the courage to approach men when they are alone. But approaching men when they are with their friends require an even stronger level of encouragement. When men are with their friends, they don’t always behave in the manner that you would want them to. This can make you feel like you are being toyed with. It can also be very damaging to your self-esteem. This is one of the reasons why you should avoid approaching men when they are with their friends, unless you are entirely sure that you know what you may be getting yourself into. The Attention Goes to Their Heads One reason why you may want to avoid approaching men when they are […]

Looking For A Hot Hookup?

7 Reasons to Date a Former Catholic Girl

When it comes to picking out the next woman you’re going to date, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you find yourself friendly with a woman who used to be a Catholic girl, however, then it’s a no brainer: go for her! Whether you’re looking for a long term partner or a short term hookup doesn’t matter, former Catholic girls have what it takes to keep you drooling. 1. She’s Making up for Lost Time When you’re looking for a hot hookup and you know that the former Catholic girl you’ve been eyeing is into that, you’ve got a woman who’s looking to make up for lost time. There’s nothing sexier than a woman eager to learn […]