Porno Is All About His Pleasure

6 Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing in Bed

Just because you’re having a good time doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is actually good in bed. (Are you Good In Bed? Take The Quiz) When you’re really hungry, a peanut butter sandwich is going to taste good, but that doesn’t mean it really is better than a five course meal. Here are 6 signs that your boyfriend is floundering around down there and you’re lucky you’ve been having fun. 1. He Gets Right to Penetration Penetration is great, but there’s a lot more to sex than just sticking it in. You have to get right down to the nitty gritty about things like that, and really find out what’s the best for you and your desires. If you don’t […]

He Might Be A Bi Sexual And In Denial

7 Signs Your Boyfriend Might Be Bi

You like your boyfriend and you know that he loves your body. There’s no doubt in your mind that he’s into women; the way he looks at you (and the way he follows the movement of a shapely female out of the corner of his eye when he thinks you’re not paying attention) convinced him of that. However, just because he likes women doesn’t mean he’s not fond of men and just not saying something. If you’re curious, look for these 7 signs that your boyfriend might actually be bi, not straight. 1. He Can’t Keep His Eyes to Himself at the Gym It’s pretty natural for people to stare at someone hot working out. If you and he hit […]

Having A Midlife Crisis

How to Handle Your Partner’s Midlife Crisis

When your partner has a midlife crisis, it can almost feel like you’re having one as well. A midlife crisis can take a toll on not only a person, but any other people that they may be involved with. A midlife crisis can affect different people in different ways. Just because Hollywood makes it seem like every time someone gets a midlife crisis, they go out and buy an expensive car or motorcycle, doesn’t mean that is how it happens in real life. Your partner may begin showing signs of a midlife crisis in a number of ways. The best thing you can do for your partner when they are going through their midlife crisis is to try to be […]

Set The Mood For Spicy Romance

4 Ways You Can Screw up Some Kinky Fun in the Bedroom

Spicing things up in the bedroom is something that pretty much everyone likes to do every now and then. Vanilla sex gets boring pretty quickly, so you’re going to want to find new ways to do things. Click here to learn how to avoid boring sex. Maybe you just want to try things out have a little bit of fun, or maybe you are the type of person who has to have kinky sex in order to feel satisfied. Whatever the case is, spicing things up with some kinky fun can definitely be a great idea. However, there are lots of things that can go wrong with sex in general, but it becomes even more wild and wacky when you […]

Having A Terrible Date

How to Rebound from a Terrible Date

Nothing quite shakes a man’s confidence like having a terrible date. You had to work up the courage to ask her out, you had to pay for everything, and now you find yourself reeling from the worst night out you’ve had since someone else when home with your high school prom date. – 17 prom horror stories – When all else has failed and you don’t know what to do to cheer yourself up and/or move on with your life after this horrible experience, these tips will come to your rescue. Take It Easy for a While Before you start pushing yourself too hard you have to admit that bad dates suck. They suck out your confidence, and you’re going […]

Casual Dating

Gifts to Give When You’re Just Casually Dating

Casual dating isn’t as big a thing as it used to be, so a lot of people aren’t exactly sure of what to do when they’re in that sort of relationship. For guys, we know that we’re supposed to get a lady a gift when it’s serious, – Gift Ideas For Her – but what if you just like her enough to date? You can still get her something that isn’t too flashy and doesn’t demand that you suddenly declare her your girlfriend. These gifts are simple and show her that she’s a step above the rest. A Gift for Two At this point in the relationship you probably want to spend as much time together as possible. That’s fine, […]

Having A Threesome

3 Exciting Ways to Add Spice Back into Your Sex Life

Adding spice back to your sex life can seem difficult, especially when you feel like you’ve done it all. Luckily, there are three easy ways to help get your sex life back to the way it used to be. It doesn’t take much effort, and it can often lead you to coming up with even more ideas for bringing (and keeping) the sexy spice back into your sex life. And you definitely can’t go wrong with that. Enjoy the Thrill of Getting Caught One fun way to add the spice back to your sex life is for the two of you to experience the thrill of getting caught. Having sex in public can definitely help with bringing a lot of […]